Gemeente Toerisme Houthalen-Helchteren

Star spots

Using a public call, the Regionaal Landschap Lage Kempen went in search of the nicest spots of landscape in Lower Kempen. From the over 150 entries, the jury chose the 20 nicest spots. In this they paid attention to 8 criteria: view, peace and quiet, smells, distinctiveness, culture-historical value, beauty, the X factor and naturalness. These spots were rewarded with one, two or three stars, similar to the way in which restaurants receive Michelin stars.

Houthalen-Helchteren has no fewer than 4 star spots:

  • Kelchterhoef forest, one of the oldest deciduous forests in Kempen (1 star)
  • Hengelhoef, with a wonderful view over the Roosterbeek valley (1 star)
  • Ten Haagdoorn swamp forest, with brilliant colours in the spring (1 star)
  • Ten Haagdoorn moor, where you can have a wonderful meander over the genuine purple heather (2 stars)

It is up to you to go and discover the star spots and enjoy the lovely landscape. During the walk you can easily recognise the star spots by the star totem or star bench, on which you can relax and enjoy the landscape.

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