Gemeente Toerisme Houthalen-Helchteren

Ter Dolen abbey beer

The five Ter Dolen beers are brewed according to original and traditional recipes: first and foremost there is the original Ter Dolen Blond 6.1%, super smooth and unlike any other; Ter Dolen Donker 7.1 %, is dark, delicious and irresistible; Ter Dolen Tripel 8.1 % is copper blond, fruity and without parallel, Ter Dolen Kriek 4.1% is wonderfully sweet and finaly Armand Ter Dolen, a blond strongly hopped beer with 7.1% alcohol volume.

After careful fermentation and ripening, the unique brewing recipe gives a fresh, emphatic beer with a very rich flavour and a velvety aftertaste.

It is a beer for those who love life and beer which is even a unique 'Certified Belgian Abbey Beer'.

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