Gemeente Toerisme Houthalen-Helchteren

Explore 'de Wijers' with Robbie Roerdomp

Robbie Roerdomp takes children ages 6 to 12 on a trip to the most beautiful places in the land of 1001 ponds in this cheerful activity book.
Packed with tips of what to do, games, quizzes and fun facts, the book is a real must-have for a great holiday here in Belgium.
For example, do the quiz to find out which Wijers animal you are, play 'Wijers double' and find out at long last why bird droppings are white!

The book includes a handy visitor's guide and map of the region for the grown ups.
In it you'll find an overview of the best picnic spots, discover the absolute must-sees in De Wijers and get a clear picture of what there is to do in this breathtaking region of ponds.

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