Gemeente Toerisme Houthalen-Helchteren

The chestnut lane

From the old oak in Kelchterhoef, a 250-year-old chestnut lane (kastanjedreef) leads you through the park.

This lane was the original access route to Kelchterhoef from Houthalen. Lanes were used to make an impression on visitors. In addition, the trees planted along the road sheltered people and horses from any extreme weather.

The oldest part of the kastanjedreef to the old oak is made up of tremendously thick sweet chestnuts that are at least a few hundred years old! The chestnut trees in the lane were cared for and repaired where necessary. Dead wood was removed, they were pruned and a safety zone was made for the roots of the trees. A nice path now runs through the lane, with art sofas for daydreaming along the way. A tree staircase lets you climb to the crown of one of the trees... centuries-old trees in the historic kastanjedreef receive substantial care.

A new waking path has been laid through the lane. A tree staircase even allows you to climb into an old chestnut tree and go in search of woodpeckers.

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